Halloween Games

Burn Off Those Sugar Highs

Here are some fun and active games your kids can play to help burn off their Halloween-induced sugar highs.

toilet paper roles and a pumpkin set up for pumpkin bowlingPumpkin Bowling:
All you need is a pumpkin, a Sharpie, and a bag of toilet paper rolls. Draw your ghosts, set up your “bowling pins,” and bowl your pumpkin! No extra toilet paper on hand? Try using paper towel rolls.





Witch Pitch:witchs hat and cauldrons set up for the witch pitch game
Cut out a witch’s hat and buy some witches brew “cauldrons” from your local dollar store. Then just use whatever candy you deem worthy to be tossed and have the kids throw them into the cauldrons. You can always increase the difficulty level by making the kids toss from a further distance.



a girl plays the halloween breath gameHalloween Breath:
Cut out your favorite Halloween shape from construction paper and lay them out on a table. Then either individually or in team relays have the kids take a straw and suck in until they are able to pick up the shape. They should then carry it by keeping it attached to the end of the straw to a designated location. Always a crowd pleaser!



Pumpkin Toss:a boy plays the pumpkin toss game
This can be done two different ways. You can either cut out pumpkin faces and have the kids toss candy into the open mouths, or have different sized pumpkins that they have to toss into different buckets or boxes.




a group of people participate in a cake walk and rollCake Walk and Roll:
Just like any other cake walk where contestants walk around the circle hoping for their number to be called in order to win a cake, the Cake Walk and Roll ensures that the surface is conducive for wheelchairs.

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